Medical Division

Don’t trust a low budget courier and their sub-contractors or cab companies to handle your laboratory specimens and HIPAA regulated documentation? The Feet has been providing DOT, OSHA and HIPAA compliant courier services to the health care industry since 1994. We are experts in transportation regulations and protect your health care network from undue liability with our full staff of employee couriers. Our unique model allows us the highest level of quality control possible. Our Medical Division covers the Front Range from Colorado Springs, CO to Cheyenne, WY.

Our staff is fully trained and prepared to handle:

  • Xylene
  • Alcohol
  • Formalin
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Laboratory specimens
  • Chemo drugs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Controlled substances

All employee drivers have undergone one-on-one training for HIPAA compliance, DOT regulations and blood borne pathogens “BBP” handling. We also carry spill kits, and operate vehicles fully compliant for hazardous materials handling.

We offer a full suite of materials handling services. Does your organization have a central supply facility? The Feet can help you streamline your distribution network for maximum efficiency allowing many departments to cost share and the opportunity for incremental growth. Often times, we are able to use our network to reduce the resources necessary to accomplish the job by 50% or more! Call us today!